Aonia wants to help you make the impossible possible, to climb over the top of the mountain you dream of.

Aonia is not another venture capitalist but a partner that invests over the long term and accompanies new entrepreneurs to build a sustainable project.


Our philosophy

The entrepreneur accomplishes himself through a meaningful project, in coherence with his own values. We think women and men carry ideas, concepts and that without their aptitude, energy and know-how nothing is possible. The fulfilment of an idea and execution of a project is all about people gifts. We are supporting talented women and men to help them thrive and achieve progress and face new challenges.

People change everything, that’s why Aonia is investing in people more than anything else. Money is far from being the only key factor of success, we are convinced of the importance of passing on experience and skills, therefore we are bringing experienced and talented experts along everything else.

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Our team

Olivier Brouhrant

I like to share my passion for entrepreneurship. I do it every day with Mantu

Mantu is a platform for entrepreneurs that has allowed young graduates to start a project for 13 years. Investor is another way to pass on that entrepreneurial spirit and everything I can bring to young entrepreneurs to help them succeed. Transmitting is a way for me to give back what I received, I have been lucky, and I think it is just fair that I can share and contribute to the dynamism of the startup ecosystem.

Olivier Brourhant

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Olivier Brourhant

Olivier Brourhant is a French entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Amaris which became Mantu. He graduated from INSA Lyon in IT in 1996 and he founded his first consulting company at 20. He got an MBA from EM Lyon in 1997.

The same year, he created Altran’s IT division in Belgium. He then joined Alten group and launched the tech consulting company Axen in 2000. Between his 25 and 29 years old, he developed the activity of Axen in 3 countries. The company counted by the time 250 people. Afterwards, he managed the development of Alten’s European activities in Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Olivier Brourhant knows that one of the great challenges of entrepreneurs lies on the ability to manage the daily development of the company, the necessity to grow and achieve its goals, and to create a model of long-term international development at the same time.

The fulfilment of the women and men working with him is one of Olivier Brourhant’s main engagement as an entrepreneur: in 2007, Le Point, a French newspaper, ranked Axen “engineers’ 9th favorite company”. For Olivier Brourhant, leadership means the support of talents, helping them blossom, realize their dreams, progress and face new challenges. He is convinced of the importance of the transfer of experience and skills and launched “AMPLify”, a program that supports and trains the future managers of the company.

He left Alten in 2007. Entrepreneurs’ fulfilment lies in a meaningful project, in coherence with their values. Olivier Brourhant founded Amaris, an independent consulting firm in technologies and management, in 2007. For 12 years, Amaris has grown by more than 40% annually and become an international group with more than 1000 clients and a team of 7,750 women and men across 60 countries in 2020. Amaris works within all economic and industrial fields: from the automotive industry to banks, healthcare and the insurance market.

EY awarded Oliver Brourhant the prize “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2016. In 2017, the French ministry of Economic Affairs and Finances awarded Amaris the “Grand prix des entreprises en croissance” (Grand prize of companies in growth).

Amaris has continued its development and became Mantu in 2019. Mantu is an international consulting platform providing guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Mantu stands beside businesses and entrepreneurs to help them fulfil their dreams, achieve their ambitions and realize their projects. Mantu bolsters their growth, enables their development and supports their transformation.

Olivier Brourhant believes businesses are above all a human adventure that carries the world forward, that’s why entrepreneurship is the world’s biggest transformation lever. He also believes in a sustainable growth. He is convinced that the sustainable development of the global economy will have to be carried by industrial projects led by entrepreneurs themselves, with the concern of future generations and the determination of yesterday great builders.

Olivier Brourhant has also decided to commit both himself and his company to important causes such as sustainable development and feminism. He launched in 2016 the Amaris Foundation which supports non-profit organizations’ projects for healthcare, education, employment, equal opportunities and the environment. He is also part of the Veuve Clicquot Bold Woman Award (formerly the Business Woman Award) since 2017, which rewards each year women who brilliantly succeeded in business. In 2020, he joined the SistaxBold initiative, which support women entrepreneurs in the coronavirus crisis to prepare for the future.

Olivier Brourhant alongside Annabel Brourhant supports women who suffer of cancer, with the “Hope” association she founded in 2017. He regularly invests in companies from the Rhône-Alpes region in France, where he lives, to contribute to the regional economic development.

Olivier Brourhant is also part of the board of EkWateur, Euveka and Kyklos. He is also part of advisory committee of Montreux Comedy. He is administrator of the Marc Veyrat foundation.

Summary: Altran Group (1997-2000), Director of Alten Group Managers’ Formation (2004-2005), Founder and CEO of Axen (2000-2007), International Development Director Alten Group (2004-2007), Co-founder and CEO of Mantu (since 2007).

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